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Model: HP LaserJet 3030

URI: socket://

Location: hallway

Type: black & white printer with ADF scanner (the scanner is over usb)


One of the printers in InitLab is multifunctional laserjet HP LaserJet 3030.

It can be accessed for printing on URI: socket://

For scanning there is an attached location

Network Printing Instructions

See how to connect over the network

On windows one can use HP LaserJet 3050 driver.


There is an USB cable attached to the printer for scanning.

For linux - use the hplip packages sudo apt install hplip && hp-setup

For scanning: hp-scan --adf --output=scan.pdf --size=A4 --mode=color and select the printer.

The flatbed does not seem to work on linux.


TODO: connect to the initlab telephony network

Implementation Notes

The print server is hosted on Aerohive AP121 running OpenWRT 19.07 and p910nd. The device was generously provided by maniax.

The device is connected using wireless connection to the initlab network and uses usb2parallel cable for communicating to the printer, so that the usb connection is available for scanning.

Login with ssh authorization is configured so that the majority of initlab power users have ssh access to the device (including maniax, lz1irq, ignisf, Slackware).