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Door opening system

This page describes the door opening system used in Init Lab v3, which is no longer in use.


The system has two separate pieces: opening the door, and unlocking the door, controlled by two separate mechanisms. The locking is done by an electro-mechanical door lock, and the opening/closing is done by a small (something).

Accessing the system(s)

The system can be accessed remotely in two ways: using fauna or by calling +359-24624356. The phone number is routed over VoIP(SIP) from to cassie.

Also, next to the door there are two buttons on the white box - a red and a green one. The red one locks the door, the green one unlocks it. If the door is open and you press the red button, it will lock 1 second after the door is closed.

Using the phone

When you call the phone:

  • If the door is locked:
    • The system checks if the source phone number is in the list of allowed-to-unlock people. If not, the system hangs up.
    • The system picks up, and using a voice similar to that of Stephen Hawking asks "Enter code".
    • It waits for a 6-digit pin code, which is verified in the database if it's the right PIN code for this calling number.
    • If the entered code is wrong, the voice says "Wrong". You have three tries, if you fail, it says "Fuck off" and hangs up.
    • If the code entered is the right one, the voice says "Opening door", unlocks the door and opens it.
      • The system then logs the door opening and unlocking, as like in the opening below.
  • If the door is not locked:
    • The system opens the door
    • The system logs the door opening via twitter. Using the source phone number, a textual ID is looked up in the Fauna database and logged, if the user has register its phone number.

Using the bulphone in front of the door

  • This phone is next to the front door
  • You have to dial 150 to get into the system
  • It'll ask you for you phone number, enter it and # after it
  • Next follow the normal phone instructions (asking for a code, etc.)


The door uses a Bulkey BKS300 electro-mechanical lock. It's connected though a board to an olinuxino device that runs some Go code to control the opening closing.

The software and schematics are available at github, and was developed by Radoslav Borisvov and Kiril Zyapkov.


There is a set of scripts on cassie that send a signal on the serial port (raise the DTR), to close a relay for 6 seconds. This relay is connected to the button next to the door opening panel in the corridor, and basically presses it.

Future plans

  • None at the moment