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IPv6 tunnel provider

IPv6 tunnel provider

We're working on a tunnel broker for IPv6 connectivity to all members and other people.

Currently we have AS200533 and 2001:67c:21bc::/48.

We are connected to:

  • AS6939 (Hurricane Electric) - transit
  • AS15669 (BIX) - peering
  • AS49681 (StorPool) - transit
  • AS197216 (Delta) - transit

For any questions and connecting, mail vasil(at)ludost(dot)net.

We plan to provide

  • IPIP and GRE tunnels
    • Wireguard will be available on request and if needed
  • Reverse resolving
    • Also delegation of the reverse-resolving
  • /64 to /60 allocations (and more if required)
    • /120 allocations for every point-to-point link
  • Redundant connectivity using tunnels to different nodes, through different connections and with BGP as routing protocol
  • Full BGP routing table
  • (some) help with debugging
  • Support for an endpoint with dynamic DNS

Requesting a connection

All request must be sent to ipv6t(at)ludost(dot)net.

Information to collect

  • How many internet connections do you have?
  • Is your end point behind NAT?
  • Do you have support for IPv6 in the devices you want to use it on?
    • OpenWRT, almost all linuxes, etc. have it
  • Do you want to use more than one connection?
  • Do you want the full BGP table?
    • What kind of routing daemon would you use?

What should be there in each request

  • Your name
  • An unique user id (8 characters) for link ids, etc.
  • Your email
  • Another option to contact you (phone, jabber, etc.).
  • Size of the allocation (one or more /64)
  • Would you handle the reverse DNS or you'll submit information into our database?
    • If you'll handle that yourself, you'll need to provide at least one DNS server that resolves to IPv6 addresses.
    • If you want, we can also provide slave DNS services for your zone.
  • If you have more than one link and want to use BGP, a preferred ASN (if you have one from DN42 or similar), or request to get one assigned from us.
  • For every link you want to have:
    • Remote IP address (or hostname in case of Dynamic Remote IP)
    • id of the link (up to 3 characters)
    • name of the router it's connected on (should be the same for all links)
    • type of the link (IPIP, GRE, something else)
    • node you want the link connected to
      • Current available nodes are marla.ludost.net and tryler.ludost.net

What software and configuration is needed

See example configurations for more detail.

  • IPv6 addresses on the tunnel interfaces and local networks
  • IPv6 forwarding
    • echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/forwarding
  • Something to provide RA (Router advertisement) to your local network, like radvd.
    • The default configuration is trivial to change
  • For running BGP, either quagga or BIRD
    • Or anything that can talk gre/ipip and BGP, but these two we can help with
    • and with cisco

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