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Model: Brother DCP-J4110DW

URI: lpd://

Location: workroom

Type: ink-jet with flatbed scanner


One of the printers in InitLab is multifunctional ink-jet network enabled printer Brother DCP-J4110DW.

Installation steps for Linux/OSX for printing:

  1. You will need to install CUPS (which is a local print server/software for your PC/laptop)
  2. Download the latest available deb/rpm packages from the official Brother website or from the wiki backup link:
    1. DEB and RPM LPD/LPR drivers:
    2. Arch drivers package: Aur repo: brother-dcpj4110dw 3.0.1-3
  3. Install the 2 packages for your distribution.
  4. Go to CUPS (http://localhost:631): Administration menu link > Add Printer button > Select the Discovered Network Printers: Brother DCP-J4110DW option and finish the rest of the installation with default settings.
  5. Go to the Administration menu link > Manage Printers button > Click on the new printer DCPJ4110DW > From the Administration drop down list, choose Modify Printer.
    Note: Adding new printer to CUPS requires administrative access, so you should expect authentication prompt for your local credentials during the setup!
  6. Select the LPD/LPR Host or Printer option > set the Connection URI to lpd:// and finish the installation.
  7. Now you should be able to test the printing.
Note: those drivers contains proprietary binary files for the USB/Network install.

On Windows, you can install the standard Brother driver and choose the Network option during installation.