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Initlab v3 used to be a space for Initlab.

(While we're still working on the wiki intensively, here's an overview of all pages in the InitLabv3 prefix: Table of Contents)


The hackerspace is located on 6 Rila Street in Sofia, Bulgaria (in cyrillic: ул. "Рила" 6, София, България). Please note that this is the Rila Street near Lavov Most, not in Pancharevo.

Practical information when visiting


When the space is already unlocked, the door to init Lab is opened automatically when you call the phone number 02/4624356. The system will hang up and unlock the door for you. There is a regular doorbell as well.

Trusted members of the lab with a Fauna account can lock and unlock the lab. All members can lock it using the web interface.

If you have an account in the Fauna and have entered a door code, you can also use the Bulphone to open the door. See here. If you are a trusted member, you can also unlock the door.


This is a checklist for the last person who is leaving the lab:

  • Close all windows
  • Turn off all the lights inside.
  • Close the doors.
  • Go down to the entrance door.
  • Open the entrance door and press the red button on the white box above the switchboard.
  • After you get out, the door will be locked (it makes a very distinctive sound).
  • When outside, just close the external black door, there is no need to lock it with the padlock.


In the hallway rest area there is a small table with stickers and brochures that you can take.

If you represent a hackerspace or an open-source project please feel free to leave us some.


Initlab has 2 printers. Please be mindful when using them.



  • Lecture room - has a capacity of 30 people, a projector and a screen, whiteboards. Suitable for all kinds of events.
  • Ruby room - called so because Rails Girls Sofia meetings happen there. It has a capacity of 12 people, a couple of sofas, some chairs, a whiteboard and a projector.
  • Cowork room - a place for coworking
  • Hardware aquarium - a room with proper tools and 2-3 workspaces for hardware hackers.
  • Sound recording studio - two soundproofed rooms where you can record sounds, improvise and practice your music skills
  • Kitchen - here you can make tea, coffee or food. See InitLabv3/Food for details.
  • Relaxation and meeting zones - there are 3 transitional areas with seating places, where groups of 2 to 4 people can sit down to read, relax, or drink beer. You can also find our Book Crossing library here.
  • Corridor colocation - two racks in the corridor, to co-locate stuff.


Also see:

System Administration Course Rack

Other hardware photos


Labeled floorplan


  • 123 - calls everyone (not available from outside)
  • 150 - calls the DoorSystem (not available from outside)
  • 201 - Front door bulphone
  • 202 - Work room
  • 203 - Studio (doesn't ring, just flashes)
  • 204 - Lecture room (doesn't ring, just flashes)
  • 205 - Ruby room (IP phone)

How to get here

See also the information on the website:


Public transport

You can take tram 18, tram 3, tram 4 to station "ulica Kozlodui". Form there you need to cross street end few meters right is str. "Veslets". It is only a minute walk from there.

Another way to come and visit Initlab is by underground[1]. Once you get on line 2, direction "Lozenets" -> "Obelya", get off on "Lavov Most Station".



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