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Create this page ;-)

Main page

The main page needs a lot of info, but concise. So that a visitor can easily most of the important info on a single page.


The Organisation page needs a lot of work/info. :)


Most rooms need some (decent) pictures. Take a picture, upload it using Special:Upload, then add it to the proper page.

Food descriptions and price list

It would be good to have an online reference for the prices or various drinks and snacks. Even though an offline list is an absolute must as well.


Detailed descriptions of rooms would be good -- projectors, whiteboards, other features such as tables, speakers, etc.

How to play music

Is there still a MPD server running? Where is it running? How does one use the speakers in the lecture room? (That is: are they for music as well, and what is the general 'etiquette'?)


  • Possibly update the Library page


Create an inventory of the (hardware) tools available to members/visitors